Simply Irresistible 


I am a registered breeder of the Biewer Terrier. This incredible breed of dog is relatively new to Western Canada.

Feel free to browse the site and enjoy these beautiful little dogs.


Exclusively breeding Biewer to Biewer.

Biewers’ breeding program is extremely expensive and due to this not all breeders and kennels adhere to Breeder’s Code of Ethics. But those who are in love with this exclusive breed spend their every effort, time and money to get ideal dogs.
All my dogs are IBC and BBIR registered and lovingly raised in our home.

Biewers are fun loving and devoted.


They are non shedding and hypo allergenic.


 Biewers adopt  you and are very loyal - you may find that you can not have just one.

Dandy Sweetheart as a puppy.